Custom Automated Surgical Navigation.

  • Supports the implantation of Apex Total Knee replacements
  • No requirement for CAT or MRI scans
Product features
  • iBlock® is an intelligent instrument allowing intra-operative customisation in TKA using real-time virtual planning technology followed by automated placement of the cutting guide.
  • NanoBlock® provides for a single instrument to be used for tibial preparation.
  • The NanoBlock® allows precise, micrometric adjustment of the varus/valgus angle, depth and slope of the tibial cut.
  • Precise measurements made dynamically in real time lessens the dependence on the static review of two-dimensional X-rays during pre-operative planning.
  • No requirement for CAT or MRI scans.
    Five distal femoral osteotomies are guided by a single, automated cutting guide mounted to the iBlock®.
  • IM Rod is eliminated.
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