OMNIbotic™ Total Joint Solutions

Virtual Implant Planning

  • OMNIBotics “Virtual Surgery” allows the surgeon to plan the Apex Knee implant position, size intra-operatively and visualise planned bone cuts before they are made. This helps ensure the surgeon can provide tailor made resections for every patient.
  • The digital plan is used to determine the position of the robotic cutting guides, and can easily be adjusted in real-time, even after the cutting guides have already been attached to the patient.

  • The iBlock® is an evolution in navigation and robotic technology for total knee arthroplasty offering highly accurate positioning of the femoral cutting guide.
  • It is a motorized cutting guide mounted directly to the patient that positions a saw guide for every femoral cut according to the surgeon’s plan.
  • This eliminates the need to manually position and pin any conventional cutting jigs, which can introduce errors in alignment and implant fit.