Unisyn™ Hip System

Many options, one connection.

  • Supplied by Consensus
  • Patented connection technology

Product features

To meet the needs of the revision hip surgeon, a prosthesis must allow intra-operative flexibility. The ability to match varying offset, leg length and version is now within the surgeons grasp.

The Unisyn™ revision hip system stands alone in its capability to allow the surgeon to reconstruct the failed hip joint.

Whether it is a complex primary arthroplasty or a proximal femoral allograft, the Unisyn™ addresses all needs.

The three piece design
  • The three piece design significantly reduces inventory and instruments which greatly assists the OR staff.
  • Three piece design with unique collet locking mechanism.
  • Any stem can be matched with any metaphyseal body and any of the many neck options.
  • The long curved stems are introduced, and by virtue of a unique inserter, do not affect the proximal version as with previous designs.
  • The long curved stems are truly curved and not simply ‘bent’ as with previous designs. This aids insertion and removal.
  • The tip of all stems are rounded to avoid distal impingement seen with previous designs.