BioBall® System

The innovative hip endoprosthesis head adaptor system.
  • Supplied by Merete
  • Highest flexibility and absolute precision

  • BioBall System

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Product features

The BioBall® from Merete allows the surgeon to add a modular taper adaptor onto an existing stem.

The adaptor system allows the surgeon to manage unexpected surgical situations with highest flexibility and absolute precision.

BioBall® can be implanted when an uncemented or cemented stem is well fixed, where offset, version or leg length might be inadequate or even where a ceramic head has fractured in a young active patient.

BioBall® provides a system of tapers both linear and eccentric.

The surgeon attaches the new adaptor to the old taper and then has a pristine taper on which to place either a new ceramic head or a metal head in many different diameters.

Global is pleased to announce, that we are, in conjunction with Merete™ the BioBall® people, constantly adding to the selection of taper adaptors to match the plethora of stem tapers in use in orthopaedics today. Not forgetting the stems of yesteryear that we see from time to time.