Absolut™ Cemented Stem

  • Increased range of motion
  • Superior neck strength


    Absolut Cemented Stem 1


    Absolut Cemented Stem 2


    Absolut Cemented Stem 3


    Absolut Cemented Stem 4


    Absolut Cemented Stem 5

Product features
  • With a highly polished finish and double-tapered collarless design, the Absolut™ Cemented Stem has the confidence of the clinically proven taper-slip philosophy.
  • Highly polished finish and double tapered collarless design.
  • It features a scalloped neck to maximize the hip joint’s range of motion and to minimize any risk of impingement.
  • The lateral shoulder of the Absolut™ Stem has been debulked, decreasing the risk of greater trochanteric fracture during rasping.
  • It offers offset independent of leg length ability to increase/decrease femoral offset without affecting leg length.
  • Available in 7 sizes (000-4)

    sizes 000 and 00 offer 37mm offset,
    size 0 offers 37 and 45mm offsets and
    sizes 1-4 offer 37, 45 and 50mm offsets.
    The Absolut stem covers the patient population of femoral geometry.

  • The 12/14 neck trunnion

    Enables a wide range of head and cup selections and grants the surgeon the preferred choice of bearing materials that are deemed appropriate for the patient’s pathology.

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