A direct evolution of the original dual mobility system.

  • Supplied by Serf
  • A very stable implant

  • Novae®
  • Novae® 2
  • Novae® 3
  • Novae® 4
Product features
Evolution® TH
  • As a direct evolution of the original dual mobility system defined by Gilles Bousquet, the Novae® Evolution® TH cup has benefited from acquired clinical experience.
  • All the shells of the cementless Novae® range benefit from a pressfit effect.
  • On the Novae® Evolution® TH the further augmented 3 point fixation (ischium, ilium, pubis) contributes to the primary fixation stability in resisting against pull out and rotational forces
  • 2 divergent studs towards the pubis and ischium
  • 1 cortical screw through a malleable flange towards the ilium

The studs are impacted

  • The mobile UHMWP inserts are available for 22.2 mm and 28 mm heads standard, and 32 mm heads on special request
SunFit® TH
  • The Novae® SunFit® version is available without the studs and screw, and is a press fit only.
  • The equatorial rim of the shells is augmented by a peripheral press fit band and slightly raised ridges especially in the ischium, ilium, and pubis which contribute towards primary fixation stability.
  • The pole is slightly flattened to avoid bottoming out, ensure good contact between bone and shell and avoid expulsion.
  • The Novae® SunFit® TH version has a dual coating of plasma spray titanium and hydroxyapatite, all other Novae® cementless shells have the original inert Al2O3 and bioactive hydroxyapatite coatings.