Pure Nano Crystalline HA Paste
  • Synthetic bone substitute of pure nano hydroxyapatite
  • Manufactured by Kyeron

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Controlled and precise placement can be achieved by injecting the soft paste through the transparent nozzle supplied in the pack. This flexible nozzle which can be easily cut as required, comes with a stillett to ensure that all the paste can be easily removed from the tube.


  • Osteotomies
  • Filling cages in spinal surgery
  • Defect filling – small/medium
  • Acetabulum reconstruction
  • Metaphyseal fractures
Product features

OSIQ® is a ready-to-use nanocrystalline, injectable bone graft substitute paste. It is fully synthetic ultra pure nano hydroxyapatite which can be used for filling or reconstruction of small or medium bone defects. OSIQ® can easily be combined with ELIZ granules or autologous and allogenic cancellous bone. OSIQ® is non-load bearing and due to its nanocrystalline structure, degradable. The unique viscosity of OSIQ® will allow an easy and complete filling of the defect. After filling the defect OSIQ® will not harden, this will ensure rapid biological resorption.

  • Innovative nano technology
  • Ready to use injectable
  • Fully synthetic
  • Biodegradable