Ultra High Porous HA/TCP

  • A safe and effective substitute for autograft
  • Manufactured by Kyeron

  • Proven biocompatibility and osteoconductivity
  • Osteoblastic activity is encouraged by osteoclastic resorption and phagocytosis, releasing calcium and phosphate ions locally
  • For easy handling, ELIZ® granules can be mixed with blood, bone marrow or platelet concentrate to form a cohesive mixture
  • ELIZ® will integrate with new bone completely within 12 – 14 weeks.

ELIZ® is gamma sterilized and available in several volumes and sizes.

Product features

ELIZ® is a sterile and reliable alternative for cancellous autograft or allograft.  It is biocompatible and osteoconductive.  The composition of ELIZ® (60% HA and 40% b-TCP) is similar to the mineral component of human bone and undergoes resorption at a controlled rate. Due to the similarity of the interconnected structure with human cancellous bone, ELIZ®provides an ideal environment for the ingrowth of new bone.

The porosity of ELIZ® is 83%. This ultra high porosity allows rapid bone ingrowth throughout the pores. ELIZ® will provide a scaffold for bone formation. Microporosity (1.0 – 10um) within the HA/TCP structure assists the transfer of essential nutrients.