Exclusive Distribution Deal for the Barricaid® Prosthesis for Anular Closure

29th July 2013

We are pleased to announce that Global has signed an exclusive distribution deal for Australia and New Zealand for the novel ANULAR repair solution (Barricaid®) from Intrinsic Therapeutics in Boston USA.

The device, pictured below, is intended for a specific group of patients that experience disc herniation. Those patients with tall discs heights in combination with large anular defects present a risk of reherniation or loss of disc height resulting in increased back and leg pain over time and normally go on to require decompression and fusion.

Many attempts have been made to address this common condition. Biological glues and nucleus replacements have had limited success.

This product aims to repair the hole in the annulus with a mesh occluder that is inserted into the defect. The mesh is attached to a bone anchor that has been shown to be effective in keeping the device firmly in place. (see image of device and X-ray of same)

There is a significant amount of science and evidence based studies supporting this device. Single arm studies along with a current (almost fully recruited) randomised multi-site clinical trial boasting 395 patients to date report very encouraging results that speak to the safety of the device. The maintenance of disc height and the prevention of re-herniation following this procedure is the main aim of the treatment. Intrinsic are very encouraged by the results thus far.

Intrinsic and Global will embark upon an in depth training program for surgeons and support staff in the coming weeks and months.

One of the European contributors to the study, Dr Bouma will come to Australia in October this year, where we envisage running a cadaver course to demonstrate the procedure to interested Australian surgeons. He will also present at a NSA national meeting in Coolum Beach Qld on his experience with the device.

Exclusive Distribution Deal for the Barricaid® Prosthesis for Anular Closure